The camera tells its own truth

Procurei o Taipa Village Art Space. Estava fechado. Fui visitar o Museu da História da Taipa e Coloane, que estava aberto. Depois voltei e vi a exposição do Hugo Teixeira, com tempo.

Taipa Village Art Space is honoured to invite Luso-American photographic artist Hugo Teixeira to showcase his unique collection of documentary photography featuring an iconographic Macau fixture – bamboo scaffolding on construction sites, which is ubiquitous in the city as it undergoes rapid development. The construction workers (bamboo masters) are acting like spiders, taking a risky job with courage to wrap the vertiginous towers with bamboo scaffoldings which look like spider webs.

Hugo will introduce demanding photographic techniques of yesteryear, exhibiting two types of images: ambrotypes – positive photographs on glass created using a wet-plate process – and cyanotypes – produced using a process that creates a cyan-blue print. To create these stunning images, Hugo uses heavy view cameras and very carefully applied coatings of paper, metal and glass, offering viewers an awe-inspiring journey of discovery back to a 19th century fascination that long predates the digital era.

(Folha de sala, Taipa Village Art Space)

E foi com tempo que fotografei, conversei, ri-me, ensinei. Há meninos que visitam exposições de fotografia e se deliciam com as câmeras de grande formato.


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